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The first & only Instagram auto listing service

We guarantee 40,000+ views within the first 24 hours or your money back

Does your current listing service do that?


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Why it works

Target Audience

We’ve built a community that consists of classic car enthusiasts located across the country, from garage owners to celebrities, all looking to buy a classic car. By listing your car on our page – you’re targeting thousands of potential buyers directly in their favorite daily app.

Spotlight Listings

We are essentially selling advertising spots on our instagram feed which means we can only show so many listings every day. Because of this restriction, each car listed with us will be advertised front and center to our curated audience of 100K+ potential buyers. 

Easy For Sellers

As a seller, simply send us the URL to the car listed elsewhere and submit.  No need to re-upload or input all of the car’s information again to post a listing. We take care of the photo-editing, tagging, and formatting for each listing so you don’t have to.

Effortless For Buyers

Traditionally, in order for a potential buyer to see your listing they had to first visit a specific website, search in your specific region, then sift through thousands of cars to come across your ad.  With Cheap Classics, your potential buyers don’t have to do anything other than open their favorite app. 

Why list on Instagram, and how listing on Cheap Classics is different than listing on your own page

Why Instagram

Traditional listing services like AutoTrader, Facebook, or Craigslist are limiting your car’s exposure by geographic location in an overwhelming sea of listings.

Instagram has no restrictions on geographic locations. It has the 4th most users of any mobile app and those users open the app an average of 200 times a day. It’s no secret how powerful Instagram marketing is considering it’s practically guaranteed potential buyers are spending more time in the app than they are on traditional auto sale sites.

We started our instagram page out of a passion for classic cars. When we realized the power of influence our posts had compared to traditional listing sites we decided to open it up for sellers to post with us. 

Why Cheap Classics

However impressive these stats are – Instagram has a strict (& very private) method of how they determine which profiles to display in their explore feed. Unless you have a large & influential following, listings posted on your business or personal accounts will be seen by very few people.

Cheap Classics has a growing following of 100,000+ enthusiastic users with exceptionally high engagement rates – and that number is growing by the thousands daily.  We’ve organically grown our following to include celebrities, athletes, and other public figures Instagram considers to be “high ticket” accounts – because of this, our posts are regularly shown to thousands organically through the explore page – giving your listing exposure that you literally can’t get anywhere else. 

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